Hi! My name is Jez Sinclair-Brown from 7N.

In September 2014, I started off my football career at a local football club called Buckden Eagles. I played as an U7 when I was six and trained every Wednesday.  As weeks went on, we started to play our first matches. I played as a striker for my team and in my first season I scored 45 goals. In that season we won the U7 Priory Tournament and won the Hunts Mini Football League.


As I carried on at Buckden, I started to develop more and more as a player, I also trained with Cambridge United pre-academy at aged 5 before I joined my local team. After that season ended, we started our U8 league which was my last season at Buckden.  In that season, I scored 63 goals and won the Priory tournament and the Hunts Mini Football League once again! After leaving my local team, my overall goals tally was 108 including 19 hat tricks. I had a great time there and made lots of great friends.

Soon after I ended my career at Buckden, I signed an academy contract at Cambridge United u8s. I played four academy seasons there and went on three football tours. On my first tour, we went to York and played Nottingham Forest, Sunderland, Sheffield United and Carlisle. On my second tour we went to Cologne in Germany and came 4th out of 124 teams! This included European teams such as Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Juventus and Liverpool.  On my last tour we played in a futsal tournament and came 8th out of 32 teams. I made some amazing friends throughout my time at Cambridge Utd. After those four years I was scouted and eventually signed by Norwich City Academy.


Since joining Norwich, I have settled into the team really well and made new friends. I enjoy playing at the amazing facilities and enjoy the training sessions and playing matches. In these past days I have played in 2 tournaments and won both. Since the start of this new season I have started to become more confident and more of a leader on the pitch. I have really enjoyed these past months at Norwich and I’m looking forward to my footballing future.


Europaths Tournament                                                                


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One of our new year 7 students, Oliver Goodey, has been spending the latter part of the summer representing Huntingdonshire County Cricket Club in their Under 11 team, which is a fantastic opportunity for any budding young cricketer. Below, he has written an article to explain about some of his experiences, and how the opportunity arose for him:

"Hi! I’m Oliver Goodey from 7N, and I love playing cricket!


I started playing cricket for Eaton Socon when I was 7 and last year, I was put forward to try out for the Huntingdonshire County squad. After 10 weeks of intense training, and 3 weeks of trials, I finally got the news that I had made the squad!

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the summer season has been heavily disrupted but thankfully, towards the end of the season, my team were fortunate enough to attend a couple of fixtures in August and September. Playing for the county team is a huge honour for me, and it has given me the opportunity to develop my skills as a player, particularly my bowling.

I have played against other county teams, such as Bedfordshire, and although the matches were long, it has helped me develop my stamina and endurance, which are 2 key aspects of playing cricket. I have been lucky enough to earn my place in the Under 12’s squad for next season as I did not get a full season as an under 11.


Cricket is an inclusive sport for both boys and girls of all ages and abilities. I would love to recommend joining a local club as you will be able to have some fun!"

Positives of being back to school

Being back at school is great we get to see our friends and properly communicate with one another. Not only this but getting back to school means we can learn all together in the classroom environment instead of alone behind a screen which can get lonely.


The best part about being back to school is that I can ask for help during lessons and get to see my friends.


After six months of not being in school I think we realized how important we are to each other and that it wasn't easy not being in school. Although, were back at school we must take precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.