Rotary Club Young Photographer
2020-2021 Competition

This year's Rotary Club Young Photographer Competition was based on the Theme of 'Wild Nature'. Entries needed to include a portfolio of three photographs that they felt reflected this theme. 

We had many entries across KS3 and Prospect House for the “Rotary Young Photographer Competition”. A HUGE shout out to all our students who entered the competition.


From our student entries, Ernulf students have triumphed in both the Intermediate and Senior age groups! 


I am very happy to announce and congratulate our winners across these groups!


Congratulations to Emily, Year 8, who has been awarded 1st Place for her portfolio at the District level competition. Emily will now be going into the final round. Goodluck to Emily!

Enjoy looking through the gallery below of their photo entries. 

Intermediate Age Group 

1st Place                       Emily L - Year 8               

2nd Place                      Sophia H - Year 7        

Highly Commended    Joseph O -  Year 9           

Commended                 Mia A - Year 7             


Senior Age Group 

Commended                 Harvey  - Year 11


Freya in Year 7 has created a fantastic voice over presentation in her ICT lesson around story writing.

It really professional piece of work! 

Please check it out below

Rotary Club Young Writers Competition 

The theme for this year’s Young Writer competition is “My Happiest Day”. Our young people are asked to produce a piece of fiction or non-fiction/story or poem, relating to this theme. 


The winning entry was that of Oliver Goodey, Year 7,  with his 'Dear Diary' entry of My Happiest Day.  All three judges unanimously liked this piece of writing, citing it as that bit different from the others and that they could all empathise with the piece of writing. 


  • Oliver Goodey, as the winner gets a Amazon voucher for £30 and a certificate 

  • Bethany Walker, Year 9, as the runner-up is awarded a voucher for £20 and certificate

  • Two commended entries, Aoife Collins and Dylan Hansford, will be awarded vouchers for £10 each.


Oliver's winning entry has now be submitted to the District Competition and if there is further success, it will then be submitted to the Rotary National Competition. 


Huge congratulations to the winners and those who entered the competition!


Don't forget to have a read of their pieces of writing below. 


My happiest day - Oliver G 

Dear Diary,

Today will be indelibly implanted in my brain for as long as I live...

 It all started in Cornwall, Newquay beach, I had just woken up and saw, through my immense window, the sand, the sand as yellow as gold itself, shells of all different shapes, sizes and colours were dotted over its golden yellow surface and I knew that the second I stepped out of my hotel that the seaside air would be blasting in my face. I took another glance out of my window, this time at the sea, a vast expanse of great glistening blue, stretching as far as the eye can see and I could not wait to take that first step outside this hotel room. I lingered around the room for what seemed like a century until my mother and father finally woke up and said that we would have my favourite breakfast, thick pancakes coated in chocolate and topped with freshly picked strawberries. Once my stomach was full, we went outside to make our short walk to what seemed like heaven to me. My hair flapped wildly in the tenacious seaside winds as though it were trying to escape from my head. Body – board in hand, I sprinted down to the beach to reach the sea and I didn’t stop until I was neck deep in the cool azure blue water. I hopped on my body – board and waited for a wave. I waited. And waited. And waited up till the point I spotted my chance, the largest wave I had ever seen in real life appeared, so I scrambled to get in the right position and soon after the wave took hold of me and the body – board. I could taste the salt on my lips as I speeded down back to shore where I would travel back to sea and become one with the waves yet again.

Signing off now,


My Happiest Day - Aoife C


On 12th October 2020 I adopted an 8-week-old kitten.

It was a cold day and I had spent it at Ernulf Academy with my friends. I was walking home with my best friend Sophia when my mum rang me and said that we were going to get a kitten that night. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


I practically ran home, once I had said bye to Sophia. It only took me five minutes. I got home and had a drink and something to eat while my mum told me about the kitten. My sister also told me about the kitten. I found out that we were going to be collecting it from Peterborough that same evening.


Once I had finished my drink and snack, we walked down to Pets at Home to prepare for the kitten’s arrival. We got the kitten a bed, a litter tray, some food and some kitten milk.


Once we had finished in Pets at Home, we went to B&M to get the kitten some toys. We knew the kitten was a boy, so we got him a blue bowl with fish on and a bowl with paw prints on. We also bought him a stick with an elastic string and feathers on for him to play with. 


Once we had bought the toys, we went to meet my dad at his work, which was only a short walk away. We met my dad at work and then got in a car.  My sister and I were thinking of names for the kitten while we drove to Peterborough. My sister wanted to call him sooty but because he was black and white, we finally settled on the name Hershey (like the American chocolate bar).


We finally made it to Peterborough and my dad went and collected him while my mum sister and I sat in the car. Hershey was adorable he had a little black patch on his white nose and his fur looked like white socks on his feet.  


He meowed the whole way home, but my sister and I talked to him and kept him calm. When we got home, he was quite reluctant to come out of the cat carrier but with a little bit of temptation he came out.  he spent most of the evening hiding under and behind things. When we all went up to bed, we took him up with us and settled him down.  As he slept, he twitched his ears and purred like a tiny engine,


My happiest day - Dylan H


     I remember the happiest I have ever felt is when I was at my aunt’s house for the summer holidays. She lives in a small house in the countryside, so of course that would be exciting enough; but the best bit is one hundred percent the horses.

     For as long as I can remember my aunt has owned horses, loads of them, and whenever I could visit her, I would oversee at least one of them! I remember I would stroll down towards the stables feeling so mature and responsible, only to realise I had forgotten to collect the bucket and brushes. Then I would have to trudge all the way back to the shed.

     There was one horse, I remember, who I grew particularly fond of, although I unfortunately can’t remember his name. I would be extra careful when cleaning him down, being careful to get every miniscule of dirt and grime off him. I would guarantee that the harness would not be rubbing at all when I put it on, then I would lead him out and enjoy leading him round the pasture.

     He was a fine horse, with black markings and a white nose.

He was very tall, as well, almost intimidating, I was terrified the first time saw him.

     Of course, I adore the other horses, there’s no doubt about that; but no other horse could compare to him. Whenever I couldn’t be with him, I would be out in the fields. That’s one other thing I like about the countryside, because its so open, you could go as far as the eye could see and still find your way back. So, I would spend the day running around, climbing and not caring when I got my knees dirty.

‘It’s what you do in the country, right?’ I would always say to myself.

My Happiest Day – Bethany Walker 

The roar of the fans, the cheers, the Mexican waves…

It was the day I was pleading for. It had finally come! I jumped onto the hectic, chaotic train hardly able to contain myself. Sporting Arsenal kit, scarf, hat, everything I frantically searched for a spare seat. There wasn’t one. However, something as petty as this wasn’t going to ruin the day ahead. After what seemed like hours we finally arrived. We stepped off and breathed in the fresh London air. We set off to the stadium. I skipped along the long narrow road in the crowd of fans. I bounced around chanting at the top of my voice until we reached the beautiful, grand, breath taking structure that Arsenal call home. We step inside and I gasp. I have never experienced anything like it. The delicious smells, the hustle and bustle, the excitement and of course the rivalry. We brought some new merchandise from the shop of my dreams, there was everything I could ever conceive of in there. Eventually, I made my decision. I went with a Gunnersaurus soft toy. Holding onto my new friend tightly, we gradually made our way to the food kiosk. As excited as I was, still I was starving. We purchased hot dogs and sweets for the game. Next, we found our seats, that was a challenge! When we got to them, we sat down. There was lots of time to kill before the game actually started but the stadium was filling up. Blues on one side, red on the other. The atmosphere was beginning to get quite tense, but it was a wonderful feeling to experience. The fans started chanting, the two sides almost arguing as to who could be the loudest. Deafening as it was, I loved it. Ultimately, the game was about to begin. Silence. The referee blew his whistle. The crowd erupted. Fifteen minutes into the game and Arsenal score. Arsenal one, Chelsea nil. The Chelsea fans booed, and the Arsenal fans screamed their delights. Thirty minutes and there was a penalty to Chelsea. My heart was in my mouth. Silence again. The player ran up and shot… the Arsenal keeper saved it! The blues groaned in misery, but the reds were ecstatic. Half time came around and Arsenal had preserved their lead. Every red in the stadium was going crazy, Arsenal never win this kind of game! The second half then suddenly started. Arsenal were holding up the ball. It was all going so well. Until. The Chelsea player broke free and scored a really good goal. One a piece. I was gutted. There were only ten minutes left. Five minutes. Arsenal really needed to win this. Three minutes. Finally, Arsenal break the defence and get a corner. Xhaka takes it. The ball whips in and finds Lacazette’s head… GOAL!!! Arsenal two, Chelsea one. The final whistle blew, and the reds explode with joy. It was an unbelievable feeling. The best way to end off my happiest day.