October 2020



Wow! It has been a truly amazing term @ Ernulf!


Putting worry and trepidation aside we opened our gates in September to start delivering education in a very different way than ever before and I am supremely proud of our school community.


Thank you to all of our students, parents and teachers for evolving with us, given the current circumstances, and demonstrating that no matter what faces us – when we all pull together we can truly achieve anything.

I have really enjoyed the school coming alive again and also the levels of engagement and variety of activities I have seen in classrooms. It has been absolutely awesome to dish out donut vouchers, merits and postcards to students across year groups who have gone above and beyond in and out of lessons – you should all be proud!


Our Year 11's particular have really impressed me with their dedication in lessons and in their attendance to interventions, my thanks to all the staff involved.

I hope that you all have a well earned rest and I have to admit I am already filled with excitement about next term – I have some crazy Christmas plans for us all!


Be safe and have a wonderful half-term holiday 😊



Mr Bissoo


Turn me on my side and I am everything. Cut me in half and I am nothing. What am I?








The number 8. On its side, it looks like an infinity sign. Cut in half, it looks like two zeros.

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