November 2019


Student Tech Time - The making of the Music Suite

Student Tech Time 

The students were very excited about using the new computers. They loved learning to build computers of their own  and how useful it was to see how it worked.
The suite is fully operational now for students to access!


During a week in October, Students from all years came together during their lunch time to participate in Ernulf’s first ever Tech Time. During this extra-curricular activity, students had the opportunity to learn and build computers for the new Music Tech suite using some of the latest technology on the market.


The students learnt about each of the components inside a computer before installing them into the build, however thanks to the IT teachers at Ernulf, they already had a great understanding of the components beforehand and were quick to answer questions.

Students appeared to be engrossed in the building process and took on the practical with great determination. More advanced students helped their peers overcome difficult or fiddly parts of the construction, creating a great sense of community.

As you can see from the gallery photos, the students have done an amazing job of building computers that look like they came straight from a retailer . . . and I guarantee you they are just as good, if not better!

Mr. Davey 

IT Technician

Here is a brief Schedule of the hour long sessions:

Day 1: Unboxing and installing H310m H2.0 motherboard                into Client Micro ATX 1x 3.0 case

Day 2: Pushing in the 8gb DDR4 RAM 2666MHz

Day 3: Carefully seating the Intel Core i5-9600K 9th Gen                  Processors into the LGA 1151 socket and setting                  the heatsink in with thermal compound.

Day 4: Screwing Integral 2.5” 240gb Sata III V Series SSD                to chassis, plugging in wires, QC and closing case

Day 5:   a) Applying processor identification sicker on case                    and imaging with Windows 10

               b) Wiring network cabinet from patch panel to                           Hewlett Packard Enterprise Office                                           Connect 1920S 48G switch and connecting the                     fibre using  a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba                    1G SFP LC SX network transceiver


Some of the above terminology may have gone over a lot our heads but it’s good to know that this group of students as got a good grasp on computer building and will have yet another skill under their belts to take forward with them to their futures.


As reward for their efforts, the participants will have their names on a plaque that will hang in the Music Tech Suite so they can be remembered for their efforts, achievements and contributions to the school.