December 2019


Our Italian Visitors

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For two weeks Year 7 Ernulf ‘Ambassadors’ acted as hosts to a visiting group of 20 Italian students from Florence. Our Italian guests joined us in lessons, at break and lunchtime and around the school, guided by our diligent ‘Ambassadors’ and many other Year 7 students that helped out when needed.


The whole programme was a very successful and enriching experience for all of Year 7, but especially for the participating Italians and their assigned Ambassador partner. All participating students received a certificate from the St Neot's English Centre and there was nothing but praise for the way Year 7 conducted themselves throughout the two week visit.

One parent commented, “(She) spoke daily about her role and she thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you for her experience.”


Another said, “(She) loved this role and made good friends with (her partner) over the two weeks. She has been so happy supporting her at Ernulf.”

The Italian teachers supporting the group were so impressed by our planning and organisation and the warm welcome they and their students received that they have given us a glowing report in their feedback.


All Year 7 ‘Ambassadors’, and any other student that got involved, can rightly be proud of the social skills and leadership qualities they demonstrated.


Well done and thank you.

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