Hegarty Maths provides excellent teaching and revision resources for our students. Please check out the links below to understand how this amazing software can help your child. You will be amazed!

  1. Introduction to first timers and parents on Hegarty.

  • Logging in

  • Finding tasks set

  • Quiz

  • Discusses order of homework – how to do quiz if confident, going back to the tutorial etc

  • Stuck

  • Building Blocks

  • Finding extra work

  • What the teacher can see

  • What parents can see

2. Mr Hegarty himself – INTRODUCTION and includes:

  • Parents info

  • Dashboard

  • Parental task checking

  • Parental checking how long each video is watched

  • Parental checking length of time HW took

  • Parental checking Feedback etc

  • How to choose a topic for yourself – Strands and whole curriculum

  • Unsuccessful? – Building block

  • FixUp5 (previous mistakes) and MemRi (quiz based on work done on Hegarty)

  • Learn independently, revise, fix mistakes


3. Mr Hegarty explains FixUp5:

How can students complete focused independent revision? - Deliberate practice on HegartyMaths

The quickest way to improve your understanding of a topic is to practice the things you're not good at, this is called deliberate practice.

In HegartyMaths, students can revisit topics where they previously had incorrect answers - This is called Fix Up 5.

We only ask 5 questions at a time because this is HARD WORK

4. Year 11 and KS4 in general MemRi

MemRi helps you "hard-code" your maths skills so you'll always remember them

Mr H explains MemRi video: