Astrea Readathon

Colleagues from Astrea Central raised over £1000 during National Storytelling Week and, as a result of their fundraising, donated books to every trust school.


It is always a pleasure putting new books on the shelves and these will soon be available for students to borrow.

Accelerated Reader - AR

All year 7 and 8 pupils are enrolled in the Accelerated reader programme and we have been discussing the benefits of reading regularly.


Reading helps develop so many skills including spelling, vocabulary, memory, critical thinking and empathy as well as providing escapism and glimpses into other worlds and times.


If a pupil reads for 20 minutes each day they are exposed to 1.8 million words in a year which boosts their chances of success in school as well as developing skills they will use later in life. Every time a pupil takes an AR quiz they can track how many words they have read and eventually become a word millionaire.


To access the online programme, pupils should navigate to the Ernulf Academy website and then click the Pupils section on the blue toolbar. Select Accelerated Reader and then this takes them to the log on page where they enter their username and password.



If pupils wish to read a book from home, they can visit and see if it is part of the 35.000+ books in the Accelerated Reader programme.