December 2019




A mixture of Ernulf and Prospect House students managed to raise £172.56 for Children in Need through the 2019 edition of the “Great Ernulf Bake Off”.

Ernulf students and were invited to bring their bakes in from home to then be sold throughout the week long event. The pupils displayed a wide range of baking skills, from well decorated cupcakes and biscuits, to Caramel shortbread, as well as some very well made Macaroons!

The list of winners are shown below:


  • Year 7 – Alfie Taylor – For his well decorated Pudsey cupcakes

  • Year 8 – Olivia la Roche – For her well executed Strawberry Macaroons

  • Year 9 – Katie Simpson – For her Galaxy chocolatey cupcakes

  • Year 10 – Patrick Hughes – For his luxury, indulgent Chocolate Brownies 

Prospect House students were also invited to take part, and they did not disappoint!


The pupils were given 90 minutes in school to prepare, bake and decorate their cakes and biscuits.


Over 50 eggs were used, as well as over 4kg of sugar and butter; but after much deliberation by Mrs Mansfield, who lent her expert palate to the judging duties, she had chosen her winner.


Callum Wray was declared the winner, after presenting his Peterborough United themed Shortbread using a 4-4-2 formation, with Tom Bell a close second.

Well done to everyone who took part, and for raising so much money for a good cause!

Mr. Fowler