November 2019


Costa Rica Scuba Expedition Summer 2019

"I went to a different country that has change my life completely. I never thought that I would of gone to such an incredible country.

It changed me completely."

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Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019
Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019

Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019
Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019

Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019
Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019

Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019
Costa Rica Scuba Expedition 2019



Safari Stu was welcomed back to Ernulf the last week of term including his creepy crawlies. He conducted a hands on educational workshop for 60 year 7 students.


He provided a close encounter experience with a variety of animals. Including reptiles, invertebrates, insects and mammals.


Check out the gallery below! 



Monday to Thursday 3.15 to 4.30 pm

Everyone is welcome. Stay as little or as long as required.

Why attend homework club? 

  • Access to computers and printers

  • Held in library with access to all books

  • Fresh fruit and refreshments available daily

  • Tutor group award termly for most tutor attendees attended

  • Prize weekly for correctly guessed spot on treasure map ( more attendance means more chances to guess)


Well done and huge congratulations to Mr Hornby's  year 7 tutor group for the most tutor attendees to attend homework club last term.
They won a large tub of celebration chocolates to share and a certificate. 

Fantastic dedication and attitude to learning!

Mrs Chapman and Mr Simpson


On October 9th we held a coffee afternoon for Macmillan Cancer SupportThe afternoon was a great success, with plenty of tea, coffee and cake consumed and of course lots of money raised for this great charity.

We had tombola stalls and our beanie babies now have new homes! We found out our Bear was named Hugo and he too has a nice new family.

The raffle was full of goodies and a huge thank you goes out to all who donated prizes.

Our student helpers were fantastic as always and a credit to the Academy.

Thank you to all who came to support us, to those who contributed to this event, from planning, to buying raffle tickets, and to eating all that cake!

We raised £489.16 which is amazing!

Thank you all and don't forget to check out our gallery below.

Mrs Larkins


During the summer of 2019 Ernulf Academy set off on their 5th Expedition with Camps International. The destination of the trip was to Costa Rica.

Camps International have many objectives to help students gain experiences that go beyond the classroom, giving them the opportunity to develop key life skills.

Over the month long expedition the students were taken out of their comfort zone and asked to solve many different problems that were alien to their lives back in the UK. Their work ethic and determination were an inspirational to everyone.  


They helped make a huge, lasting and positive impact on the lives of many people in rural communities and worked tirelessly to help combat human/wildlife issues and to protect our embattled environment.

Here’s just a few examples of the life changing projects your students threw their hearts and souls into:

  • Constructed a plant nursery and built tables to help provide the local community with affordable fruit and veg.

  • Worked on the bee conservation project by building bee hives.

  • Dug the trenches for the foundations at the local day care centre.

  •  Hand mixed tonnes of concrete to build vital community facilities

  •   Laid the foundations and the first bricks of the SEN centre.

  • Worked hard maintaining the jungle pathways, set up camera traps and bird boxes.


As you can see from the above activities there is a large amount of hard work put in by the students that take up the challenge of an expedition. However, there is a lot of time for the students to fully immerse themselves into the different cultures, food and experiences and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Here are a few of the highlights and skills our students experienced in Costa Rica:

  • Complete their PADI Open Water Scuba course.

  • Seeing amazing wildlife, including Caymans, howler monkeys, sloths, birds and tree frogs in the jungle.

  • Diving with sharks, rays, moray eels and octopus.

  • Immersing themselves in the cultural arts and craft days and learning to make tortillas from scratch.

  • Learning about cacao and how to make chocolate.

  • Challenging the local students to football and volleyball matches (and usually losing!)

  • Experiencing the noise and heat of the jungle on an evening jungle trek.

  • Overcoming the ‘shock’ of cold-water bucket showers, jungle toilets, sleeping in hammocks and creepy crawlies.

  • Mastering the skill of hand washing their clothes and hanging them on a line to dry.

  •  Developing new and lasting friendships and making life long memories.


This trip offered a wide range of experience for all the students involved and helped them gain valuable life experience. With many of the student coming back and wanting to already go on their next adventure.


Extra-curricular experiences like this trip are vital for students to develop and look great when applying for colleges or sixth forms.

Mr. Hornby



"Costa Rica was a truly unforgettable experience the idea of raising such a large sum of money may seem daunting at first but the challenge of doing so holds much greater rewards and with consistent hard work it’s more than possible.


Opportunities like this are too good to pass... the people you meet and stories you hear are truly eye-opening and every day is a new memory made.


After a month away you really won’t want to come home but you will feel you have made a great impact in a community that need it the most and changed the lives of the local people.


It’s nearly impossible to say which part of the expedition I enjoyed the most as with every day there was a new set of challenges and new experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.


My advice to everyone is to travel, take every opportunity you can to see the differences in lifestyle and culture on this planet until you’re humble and appreciative..."

"Costa Rica was the most amazing life changing experience I’ve ever done! The work was both hard and extremely rewarding but knowing you’re supporting such lovely community’s is the cherry on top. I full well surprised myself on this trip, overcoming fears that no longer exists. I learnt to love myself just the way I am above everything! Those 4 weeks taught me that there was more to life. That there’s more behind this bubble we live in. My eyes now broaden and make me want to see more and give as much help I can. It’s unbelievable to see the conditions that some people live in and how happy they are with so little. I’m so glad that I plucked up the courage to be a part of that trip, because otherwise I wouldn’t have met such beautiful people and I wouldn’t have made the memories I did. Costa Rica 2019 the best summer of my life!"

"I went to a different country that has change my life completely I never thought that I would of gone to such an incredible country it changed me completely. I didn’t know what to think when I left the UK soon as I got on that plane it was like I was born I felt like an adult that I took on my biggest fear and that was to leave my parents for more than 2 weeks and I done it and I would just like to say thank you to everyone that helped me raise the money to go to such a wonderful place that I hope to go back I didn’t know what expect when I went there I thought they were going to be living in poorer places than what they did. It was a life time experience that was the best thing ever my best part was to see the community’s around the camps we went there and they loved us we helped them
So much and it is just so happy to be able to say I’ve done that another favourite part was scuba diving took on one of my dreams and I done it was the best feeling ever and to be able to do it with the most.


Amazing people was incredible I just want to Thank-you Hornby for taking us and looking after us I had the most amazing time of my life never thought I would do that I cried so much but cried happy joy of how proud of myself I am and I want to go again so badly I want to go see all the community and just see everyone again had the most amazing time and I didn’t want it to end.


Thank you so much there is so much to say but it’s just so little space I could sit here for days and just say how incredible my experience was I never could of dreamt going somewhere like that was amazing thank you to everyone especially you Hornby for taking us thank you so much for everything."

"My experience in Costa Rica was a one in a life time trip helping out the community and wildlife, the sunset's and sunrises were incredible, I actually enjoyed myself out there; the best part of the trip was when we were at our second camp because we were at the beach and it was good to relax a little not only that but my other favourite part of the trip was when we were at our last camp cause we got to know some people in the camp and helping out the community was just a pleasure, I would definitely recommend people to do these sort of trips."

"My favourite part of the trip was meeting the locals as it was an amazing experience because I got to meet a different culture. The scuba diving was amazing as it shows the sea life is more amazing than the life on the land."