February 2020



Love is in the air!


It’s with great excitement that I write this insert for our amazing newsletter on Feb 14th – Valentine’s day!


The school is buzzing at the moment with an air of positivity and achievement. This term has seen Ernulf step up and succeed in many areas – our sports teams (Basketball, Badminton) in years 8/9 and 10 all emerged victorious in tournaments with either 1st or 2nd places across the borough!

This success has also been reflected academically with our Yr11 making huge strides in their recent mock GCSE’s and we wish them well in the penultimate mocks when they return.


The school has also welcomed some amazing new members of staff to our Ernulf family, who have chosen to join us on our amazing journey and added to the energy and creativity around the school.


Last week I was filled with immense joy when we were visited by Sue Baldwin CB – Regional Schools Commissioner for East of England and North-East London – and her feedback, particularly about our students, was glowing and positive. Alex and Tilly (Yr7) were amazing as Ernulf student ambassadors and everyone helped the school shine – THANK YOU!


We still have so much to do – ‘small steps on a long journey’ – but as principal I am supremely proud (and excited!!) for the things to come in 2020 – I hope you are too!


Mr Bissoo



Bissoo’s Valentines Brain Busters

  1. What did the girl drum say to the boy drum on Valentine’s Day?

  2. What did the little girl sheep say to the little boy sheep on Valentine’s Day?

  3. What did the rabbit say to his friend on Valentine’s Day?

  4. Where does Valentine’s Day come after Easter?

  5. What do you call two birds in love?



  1. My heart beats for you.

  2. I love ewe

  3. Some bunny loves you

  4. In the dictionary

  5. Tweethearts