December 2019



It has been a fantastic 2019 for Ernulf!


Our Year 7’s excelled in their start to secondary school life and the student performances at the Year 7 Celebration truly filled me with awe…As I mentioned on the evening - to see so many of our newest students casting aside doubt/worry to step up and shine made me feel immensely proud to be a member of our school!


Not to be outshone at the other end of the school - our Year 11’s deserve immense praise and recognition for the manner in which they have embraced the increased focus and effort across the school in regards to the imminent GCSE’s. As a year group collectively they have all shown great diligence, courage and maturity. During both our Year 11 options/post GCSE evening (arranged superbly by Miss Webber and team) and their mock GCSE exams the year 11’s have been superb - we continue to support them into the new year with enthusiasm and optimism.

The school pulled together to earn in excess of £500 for Children in Need and both the Ernulf and Prospect House students took part in a delicious student bake off – well done to Mr Fowler for making this such a ‘sweet’ success!

Ernulf once again hosted students from another part of the world – this time from the bellissimo paese - Italy!....For 2 weeks our Italian friends immersed themselves within our school – with ALL of our student ambassadors (and Mr Clarke) doing an AMAZING job – so much so that the school and students want to book their return straight away!!


I could go on and on about the wonderful things which continue to happen within our school – but wanted to end this year extending my thanks to ALL the staff, students and parents (PTA events will be happening in 2020!!) for making ME feel part of this wonderful community. Thank you for your patience, humour and support – I know 2020 will be another special year for us all!


Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas and NYE – See you in 2020!


Mr Bissoo


1. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

2. What kind of bug hates Christmas?

3. What do elves learn in school?

4. Who gives presents to baby sharks?









1.       Frostbite

2.       A humbug.

3.       The elf-abet.

4.       Santa Jaws.