December 2019


Autumn KS3 & KS4

Career Opportunities

This half term has been jam packed full of brilliant careers events for all year groups across the school.


The Curriculum Enrichment Day saw year 8 and 9 become business men and women for the day. Year 8 took part in a ‘build your own home’ challenge which was run by Morgan Sindall and year 9 took part in a Dragons Den workshop, where they designed, marketed and financed some fantastically inventive products!


Also on the Curriculum Enrichment Day, year 11 students had the opportunity to meet with numerous employers from various different industries around St Neots. Some of the businesses involved included One Leisure, Kier and Tesco.


In addition to all of these events on Curriculum Enrichment Day, there have also been some careers trips and fairs that have taken place this term. Years 10 and 11 students all had the opportunity to meet with the Army and explore all of the different jobs sectors they have to offer. This was an extremely fun and interactive activity that students thoroughly enjoyed.


Finally, just recently, year 9 students attended a careers fair held in Alconbury Weald where they were introduced to a variety of jobs, apprenticeships opportunities and colleges that are all available to them when they leave school. The event was a great way to encourage students to start thinking about their post-16 education choices.


Throughout all events this half term, students have been excellent representatives of the school and many businesses and companies have commented on the fantastic levels of engagement and enthusiasm from all students!

Miss Webber